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Quetrihué, wonderful Myrtle-Tree Forest

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Arrayanes Forest Quetrihué Peninsula

Entering the forest implies an “invasion” of blossom aroma going through our bodies. The scenery is made up by old Chilean myrtle specimens with high foliage and cinnamon trunks.

We got ready to set off. At Puerto Pañuelo, we waited for the moment to get on board the ferry that would lead us to the myrtle tree forest on Quetrihué Peninsula. Once we boarded the white catamaran with powerful engines, we took our seats and stealthily set sail across the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

On the Nahuel Huapi

As we sailed, we crossed the border between the Provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén. It was a very pleasant tour, so we resolved to let ourselves be carried away by the vastness of the landscape that was devouring us with its colors and aromas.

We were heading for Arrayanes National Park when we started to spot several small islands. We were getting more and more eager to hit our destination.
Arrayanes Forest Quetrihué Peninsula
Our first reaction when we faced the forest was to feel surprised. The impact of seeing so many wonderful intense hues was very significant. Red was present in its various shades, just like cinnamon.

The myrtles belong to the Myrtaceae family, which need to live very close to the water in order to develop fully. This geographical spot, of course, offers this vital element for the species.

The bark of the myrtles is cold and easily peeled. Fortunately, nature takes charge of dressing them up again and again. Their flowers are delightful, very similar to orange blooms.

The facilities were in perfect condition. The footbridges were clean and safe, very easily accessed. The steps featured different heights but they were impeccable. Everything was perfect for us to concentrate on this wonderful forest which has stood on this spot for over 250 years.

Almost dazzled by the beauty of the myrtles, we had the clear need to touch them. We were stunned by the softness of their texture. Afterwards, we toured along the 800-meter-long footbridges. We stopped at every single viewpoint to enjoy the scenic background, the aromas and the blunt expression of nature.
Arrayanes Forest Quetrihué Peninsula
A Special Forest

Inside the woodland, there is an ancient wooden house, built in the mid twentieth century. It houses a coffee-shop and rumor has it that famous American Walt Disney was inspired here to make his first movies about the animals of the forest.

The tour ended and we started our way back. The gulls, eager to be fed, were flying over the watercraft.

We went back to Puerto Pañuelo, waving our handkerchiefs just like the old settlers used to do in order to stop the boats that would give them a ride.
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How to get here
Puerto Pañuelo is the point where passengers embark and it is located 25 kilometers from the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, following Bustillo Avenue.
The tour may be done all year round.
An admission rate must be paid to enter the National Park.
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