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Runs and Lifts

The difficulty of its 22 runs is distributed as follows:

» 25% for beginners.
» 25% for intermediate.
» 30% for advanced skiers and 20% for experts only.

The 10 lifts guarantee the capacity to transport 13,118 skiers per hour.

LIFTS (11)
Six-seat Gondolas 1
Quad Chairlifts 4
Triple Chairlifts 1
Double Chairlifts 1
Double Surface Lifts 1
Simple Surface Lifts 3
Runs and Lifts Chapelco


Oficial website:


In San Martín de los Andes: M. Moreno 859 Locales B y C
Tel. (+54) 02972 427845 / 429845

In Buenos Aires: 25 de Mayo 555 piso 5to. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Tel. +54(11) 5555.5700

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