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Crater of the Volcano

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Copahue Volcano

In Copahue you can take the excursion with a guide, what we recommend, since the best way to get to the volcano is horseback riding with an expert to guide you.

Turned into an expert rider, the journey takes between four and six hours, bordering Arroyo Blanco, that you will cross on the road between Caviahue and Copahue, provincial route 26, 4 km. from Copahue, then it goes on ascending to the border of lagoons Las Mellizas until you face the crater of the volcano.

In one part of the road you will find a phenomenal panoramic point from where you can observe Lake Caviahue, Valle de la Dama and Volcán Villarrica in Chile, an almost prehistoric postcard where time is never measured on a human scale.
The crater itself was occupied by a lagoon with an extension of approximately 3 has. and waters flowing to the east with a temperature ranging between 20º and 40º C that give birth to the river Agrio.

Unfortunately, the eruption of the volcano on July 2nd 2000 made it disappear. The space has again been occupied by the smoking crater, and the sleeping giant kept in peace.
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