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Patagonian Flavors

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Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate

Various gastronomic choices are offered by El Calafate, from very regional flavors to European cuisine. Here we recommend some representative alternatives for you to enjoy.

As the city grows, the gourmet alternatives diversify. Betting on the great affluence of foreign tourism, they combine the good Patagonian menus with Mediterranean proposals and flavors.

It is not by chance that most of the restaurants I visited were managed by young chefs. Some from the Patagonia, others from Buenos Aires, all of them with European background and in the mood of showing their skills in this austral nook.

This makes that new versions result from culinary and alchemy training be added to the traditional Patagonian dishes, such as lamb.

Barricas de Enopio
A typical southern restaurant combining an excellent wine cellar and a menu of traditional Patagonian delicacies.

Decorated in wood and stone in the best Andean style, jazz and bossa-nova always create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate
Its name responds to its owners’ idea that a restaurant is much more than a place to eat. In the Greek mythology, Oenopion (Enopio) -son of Dionysius, god of wine- was to please the senses. That is the conception behind Barricas de Enopio.

As a starter, we tasted a board of smoked regional products and some grilled vegetables. The main course was some ravioli stuffed with spider crab specially made by the chef and, afterwards, we could not help tasting the Patagonian lamb.

The wine cellar deserves a thorough description as it includes regional and export treasures in a wine list where the sommelier’s stamp is easily noticed.
Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate
Casimiro Biguá
Warm and relaxed atmosphere for this restaurant that combines Patagonian flavors with the good European cuisine, especially Mediterranean. In this southern nook, the chef Rodrigo Jordi has designed a menu that offers from exquisite lamb with calafate to an authentic risotto, which can also accompany an original and tasty salmon, prawn and spinach braid. A special section for creole boards with smoked and pickled products, chicharrón home-baked bread and humitas en chala. To be delighted with something sweet, the calafate semifreddo or the chocolate parfait outstand among other delicacies, together with the Segafredo Italian coffee.
Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate
At the wine bar, you can choose among 198 wine and champagne labels, of good and various cellar boutiques such as the most classical and popular. Also, Casimiro is provided with a wine dispenser per cup, with the right temperature to accompany a dish or enjoy it by itself.

Open from the early morning till dawn, with smoking and non-smoking area, Casimiro Biguá is a quality option for all tastes.

La Tablita
A classic at El Calafate, La Tablita is one of the best-known steak restaurants in the city.
Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate
The charcoals are always ornamented with some Patagonian lamb and the best red and white meat.

Furthermore, typical regional dishes made with excellent ingredients may be chosen.
The menu is accompanied by a selected wine list where the best national wineries stand out.
The spacious and comfortable hall is ideal to enjoy lunch or dinner, both in groups or with the family.
Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate
Three Owls

La Lechuza Pizzas, La Lechuza Restaurant and La Lechuzita -all named after the owl in Spanish- are part of one family business that has represented an icon in the City of El Calafate ever since 2002.

La Lechuza Pizzas serves the best pizzas and empanadas at El Calafate. Customers may also try the delicious home-made pasta, meat and a wide selection of sandwiches.

La Lechuza Restaurant is a unique space at El Calafate where customers may enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. The aromas, colors and tastes of a delicious Patagonian cuisine and crafted pastries are combined with a wide selection of wines, beer types, whisky, liquor and, of course, the best worldwide-known coffee and tea.
Patagonian Flavors in El Calafate
La Lechuzita is a unique restó and playground at El Calafate that offers classic variations of pizza, pasta, children’s menu, ball pit, Play Station, Nintendo Wii, movies in DVD format, ice-cream shop, events, birthdays and much more. Everything in one place.
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Las Barricas
Av. Libertador 1610 (9405) El Calafate - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Tel: +54 2902 49-3414  
Casimiro Biguá
Av. Libertador 963 (9405) El Calafate - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Tel: +54 2902 49-2590  
La Tablita
Cnel. Rosales 28 (9405) El Calafate - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Tel: +54 2902 49-1065  
La Lechuza - Pizza a la Piedra
Av. Libertador y 1º de Mayo (9405) El Calafate - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Tel: +54 2902 49-1610  Cel: 15-528138  
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