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Full Day at Torres del Paine

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Full Day at Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is a unique place from every point of view and the variety of activities that may be enjoyed in its surroundings becomes evident at first sight.

After crossing the Patagonian steppe from North to South –a journey that takes 2 and half hours, we reached Cancha Carrera International Pass. From that point onwards, we started to travel beautiful Southern Chile up to Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine stands for “blue towers” in the Tehuelche tongue, as a reference to the predominant color in these mountains whose silhouettes go round the world as one of the most important icons of world climbing.

We reached Torres del Paine at 10:15 in a cold windless morning. It was ideal to enjoy the kind of activity in which physical skills play a significant role.
Full Day at Torres del Paine
Once the park is accessed, activities are combined according to visitors’ wishes. Even though there are countless attractions, it all depends on whether the adventurers feel like hiking and how fit they are.

One of the most popular choices among all visitors to this spot is hiking to the very base of Torres del Paine, a magical place indeed. But there is a lot more to see. Some of the most outstanding attractions for visitors are sites of remarkable beauty with viewpoints that show more and more wonders.

As we got deep in this singular scenery of peaks, mountains, valleys, rivers and water bodies of various hues, we discovered amazing wildlife specimens on our way to the chosen destinations.
Full Day at Torres del Paine
Lake Sarmiento de Gamboa is an incredible vantage point where the best panoramic photographs may be taken. It features an exceptional view of this wonderful natural architecture.

Other hiking destinations are Laguna Azul (the Blue Lagoon), the Towers panoramic view, the Paine River falls, Mount Almirante Nieto and finally the Paine Horns, where the view is majestic.

La Laguna Amarga (the Bitter Lagoon), Lake Nordenskjold, the Salto Grande vantage point, Lake Pehoe, la laguna Cóndor (the Condor Lagoon), la laguna Toro (the Bull’s Lagoon) and the National Park Interpretation Center –where it is possible to find everything related to the explanation of the geological phenomenon- represent other tours that may be enjoyed by those who wish to see the beauty of this area.
Full Day at Torres del Paine
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Torres del Paine National Park
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