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Golf in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)
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Neuquén - Neuquén
Paraje Rincón de Emilio s/n
Phone: (0299) 443-4066

This excellent circuit is located in the Province of Neuquén. It has 70 green hectares on the bank of the Neuquén River. It offers a paradisiac spot only five minutes from the center of the city.
The most outstanding feature in this course is that, even if it is short, it presents professional level hazards.
Its greens have an approximate elevation of 20 meters. There are water hazards and sand traps and its lawn is sown with agrostis and bermuda grass, thus turning this place into an ideal spot to enjoy high level golf. Holes 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16 present significant hazards, as they are surrounded by five large lagoons.
»Other Features :
Holes: 18. Par: 70. White Tees: 5701 yards. Blue Tees: 6000 yards. Red Tees: 5292 yards. Type: Parkland. Open everyday.

General Roca - Río Negro
Isla 32 Nº 8332
Phone: (02941) 443-1566/ 449-2117/ 42-3806

A few kilometers from the City of General Roca, lies the General Roca Golf Club. Situtated in an open environment inside a forest area, this is an ideal circuit for the practice of this exciting sport.
This course presents all the necessary alternatives for lovers of this game. It has several fairways and undulations that make the game more attractive.
The circuit has 12 holes, surrounded by several pines, plum trees and ash trees, among the most outstanding species. The round is escorted by a branch of the Negro River, which includes holes 10, 11 and 12.
Among the most difficult holes, hole 1, at the very beginning of the game is a 406-yard par 4 with an elevated green, and hole 3, with 416 yards and a second shot that is hidden, where there are three banquers to be crossed ahead.
»Other features:
Holes: 12. Par: 70. White Tees: 5852 yards. Blue Tees: 6343 yards. Red Tees: 5505 yards. Type: Parkland. Open from Tuesdays thru Sundays.

Bariloche - Río Negro
Av. Bustillo - Km. 25
Phone: (02944) 444-5753


This course is located in the Province of Río Negro, in the surroundings of the City of Bariloche, on the majestic Lake Nahuel Huapi. This area respresents a great visual impact managed by mountains, lakes and an ancient forest.
The golf circuit was designed to meet the demands of modern games. It presents a special challenge for advanced players and at the same time it is accessible for players of various handicaps.
The club is characterized by its very undulated fairways, sown with the best grass. It has attractive greens with challenging slopes and perfectly integrated bunkers.
Other features:
» Holes: 18. Par: 70.
» Blue Tees: 5900 yards.
» White Tees: 5800 yards.
» Red Tees: 5000 yards.
» Type: Parkland and link.
» Open everyday.

Bariloche - Río Negro
Av. Exequiel Bustillo Km. 14 (Ruta a Llao Llao)
Phone: (02944) 446-2416

Situated 14 Km. from the center of the idealized City of San Carlos de Bariloche, along the road to Llao Llao, this circuit offers the possibility to play golf in an accessible environment surrounded by forests and pure air.
Pinares Golf Club presents an excellent course for the quick and demanding golf player. With its 9 holes immersed in an incredible spot, with good tees, this is an ideal place to relax and let oneself be carried away by the level of the venue.
In the course, 5 of its holes are par 3 and 4 with the surprising characteristics of mountain spots.
In this cozy lawn, players may enjoy the game at any time of the year and also borrow the necessary clubs.
Other features :
» Holes: 9.
» Par: 29.

Puerto Madryn - Chubut
Puerto Madryn
Cel: 15-4665186


This golf club located in Puerto Madryn is nestled in one of the best Patagonian areas. Even if the works are not finished yet, the course has 9 holes. It is necessary to point out that the condition of the circuit is far from similar to the golf courses located in the Province of Buenos Aires, although they enable golf amateurs to play in a pleasant and organized environment.
The circuit itself has not been approved by the Asociación Argentina de Golf, but it is immersed in a natural environment teeming with trees, grass and water.
In this area, players may enjoy what they like most without many aspirations. They only need to have a little imagination to have fun with the proposal made by the landscap.

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