Paso de los Andes

2-star Cabins

Paraje la Angostura, Villa Pehuenia, Neuquén, Argentina
Mobile: 02942 15 528654

  • Paso de los Andes
  • Paso de los Andes
  • Paso de los Andes
  • Paso de los Andes
  • Paso de los Andes
  • Paso de los Andes
  • Paso de los Andes
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  • 24-hour front desk
  • Accessibility
  • Satellite TV
  • LCD / Plasma
  • Optional breakfast
  • Housekeeping
  • Heating
  • Fireplace
  • Shower
  • Hair drier
  • Individual grill
  • Tourist information
  • Turkish bath
  • Free parking
  • Distance to the airport: 300 Km
  • Traslado al Volcán Batea Mahuida, terminal y centro comercial
  • Check in: 2:30 pm
  • Check out: 10:00 am

Cabañas Paso de los Andes are located at one of the most beautiful sites in the Patagonian village known as Villa Pehuenia, where Lake Aluminé joins Lake Moquehue creating spectacular scenes. These cabins have been specially designed for guests to enjoy quietness and comfort, while reading a book, sunbathing, making a tasty "asado" or simply enjoying some delicious "mate". Our 2-hectare venue boasts native flora such as monkey-puzzle trees, radales, rose hip and other beauties that give shape to our beloved mountain village.
Situated steps away from the 5 ponds known as Lagunas Mapuches, an ideal location for angling and visiting historical sites. The imposing Batea Mahuida Volcano and its winter resort lie 3 kilometers away. They invite visitors to go hiking and on photographic safaris. The commercial center is located 3km away from the venue, which stands meters away from the road leading to Icalma International Pass and from the guided horseback ride post which offers amazing circuits and much much more...

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