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San Martín Square, Craftsmen Year Round

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San Martín de los Andes Craftsmen’s Market

Woven products, knives and classical handicrafts with patagonian patterns may be found at the various stalls settled down in the square.

In the long summer afternoons and the winter season days, the main square in San Martín gets crowded with craftsmen coming from various points in the country to settle down their colorful stands. They display their products for tourists and locals who approach this venue to see and buy some regional item or a souvenir from their trip.
In general, after the traditional popular festival called Trabún, which is held every year early in December, the craftsmen gather at the square when the sun sets.
San Martín de los Andes Craftsmen’s Market
There are varied proposals, but all of them have the distinctive stamp of what is handmade. Good mates, knives and elves, woven items and all kinds of bijouterie, from hair plaits to jewels made with demi precious stones, alpaca or silver earrings and necklaces, paper lamps and fine fruits collected in the area may be purchased as “Memories from Patagonia”.
Children also have their exclusive stalls with puppets, varied kaleidoscopes and amusing didactic games made in wood.
San Martín de los Andes Craftsmen’s Market
As people swarm around making questions and trying things on, street artists who take advantage of the informal gathering in order to present their performance come along. Musicians, clowns and mimes invite visitors to stay and go on a tour around the square until late at night.
In the winter, instead, the place that visitors should not miss and where they can acquire these handicrafts moves into a conditioned tent located on one of the streets surrounding the main square.
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craftsmen settle down in San Martín square.
as in every market, it is best to tour around before shopping.
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