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Lake Tour on the Nahuel Huapi

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Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi

An excellent fishing and contemplative tour on a sailing boat towards Victoria Island and the Quetrihué Peninsula. A day to enjoy the lake.

“Would you like to go sailing on Sunday?” we were asked by the people from Sailing Patagonia. The company offers the service of a fishing and contemplative tour on a sailing boat across Lake Nahuel Huapi. It was a tempting invitation we could not reject.

It was a splendid Sunday morning. The appointment was at 9:30am. We had some toast with calafate jam and some delicious coffee for breakfast. It had all been set by María, the housekeeper at cozy El Ñire Inn, in the heart of Bariloche. We took the Metropolitan bus and traveled along Bustillo Avenue towards the well-known Llao Llao Hotel. We got off at Puerto Pañuelo, where we were expected.
Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi
We were welcomed and introduced to Juan Andrés, the skipper, and Mariano, his brother, sailor and chef of the Bonita sailing boat. The main sail and an extra one were unfolded and we set off towards Victoria Island.

Traveling on a sailing boat is an experience second to none, hard to describe for those who have never tried it. Lake Nahuel Huapi was practically dead calm and the soft wind suddenly inflated the sails so that it was not necessary to start the engine.
The tour would take all day. We relaxed and started to enjoy the voyage and the scenery around. First, we would visit Victoria Island, where we would land to go on a mini hiking tour or enjoy an interesting fishing session at the shore. Then, we would continue sailing.

As we got off shore, we observed the green vegetation and the snow-capped mountains outlining the horizon. Some passengers got their rods and lures ready; they assembled some lines and began practicing trolling.
Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi
Once on the island, we were captivated by the incredible natural beauty. This place would be dwelled by natives who left evidence of their presence in caves and paintings thousands of years ago.

We went along a trail and soon found ourselves surrounded by eucalyptus, pine-trees, oaks, cypresses, cohiues and ñires in whose foliage deer find the perfect shelter. It is even possible to spot some or other wild boar there.
Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi
We resolved to go around the island as the skipper and the sailor in his role of chef would get the tray of assorted smoked products ready for lunch. Fishing fans continued quenching their passion, this time from the shore.

After the delicious lunch, which we accompanied with a sweet red wine from Luigi Bosca Winery, we continued sailing on the Bonita.
Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi
The skipper set sail towards Port Quetrihué, on the south of the peninsula bearing the same name, where there is a thick myrtle-tree forest after which Arrayanes National Park has been named.

Almost on the shore, we continued fishing on the small RIB. It was time to try the flies. Standing on the small watercraft, some anglers cast the lines. In the end, a beautiful trout bit the lure. A few minutes of struggle were enough for the fish to surrender.
Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi
We were infected with joy. Then, we returned to the sailing boat and started our way back to Puerto Pañuelo at sunset. In order to celebrate the wonderful day we had just spent, we opened a bottle of champagne and made a toast to promise we would repeat that outing in the future.
Excursion in Lake Nahuel Huapi
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