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Alojamiento Alberdi
Alberdi 678
(9311) Gobernador Gregores - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Teléfono: (02962) 49-1209

Comfortable fully equipped and furnished apartments (including breakfast). Each unit has cable TV, microwave oven, minibar, private bathroom, full set of dishes, white linen, etc.
Besides, we have private parking and a strategic location on Alberdi Street, between Perito Moreno and Belgrano Avenues, just 100 meters away from the commercial center, where you will find all the necessary services, such as supermarket, butcher`s, stores, post office and the like.
The first floor of the building houses the offices of TAQSA (a public transport company), which offers daily connections between Gobernador Gregores and the City of Río Gallegos, and journeys between El Calafate and Bariloche every four days stopping in our city.

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