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Refugio Pablo Seeger
Huet Huet s/n
(8403) Villa Traful - Neuquén - Argentina
Cel: (0294) 15-4610438

Refugio Pablo Seeger, a mountain shelter with a family tradition.
A place to experience your dreams.
Enjoy your rest amidst an ancient wood of coihues and cypresses and choose the amenities you consider most convenient:
- Rooms with private bathroom for 4 guests, with shared bathroom for 3 and 5 guests, multiple room if you come with a group or your backpack.
- Independent apartment: private bathroom, master room, integrated kitchen and dining-room with a sofa bed for two children.
It also has an ample space and large windows to enjoy the scenery, reading and music. Bicycles for rent. Ideal for families and groups of frinds.
Our location is on Huet Huet Street, 4 blocks away from the lake and approximately 7 from the ceter of Villa Traful.
Hosted by its owners. We are looking forward to your visit!
The account in Banco Hipotecario where your deposit should be made
Savings account 401700014734294
CBU 0440017240000147342944
CUIL 27260815615
Maria Lilen Reisign

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