Sailing lake Lacar

Sailing is a special feeling, the pleasure of the breeze in our face and body and harnessing the wind for the boat to cruise.

It is not every day we can go cruising on a sailing boat. San Martín de los Andes is the perfect place to do so and to enjoy the ideal conditions of Lake Lácar in the hands of experienced instructors.

There are specific conditions to life on a sailing boat. Handling sails, lines and ropes is no easy task, so passengers have to wait for the helmsperson to give their command. Once seated and set to go, the fun begins!

We set off from the pier at the head of the lake and, although we could have used sails straight away, we decided to use the engine to make it quicker. We covered a short distance feeling a soft breeze which did not even ripple the water. It was wonderful to see the landscape from a completely different angle. We immediately made out the cars going along Route 40, also known as the 7-Lake Road.

We watched as Manuel Benzi, our helmsperson, efficiently set the sails. Tugging and pulling different ropes and lines he deftly trimmed the mainsail. ‘No line or rope can be slack or untied,’ he told us. We loved listening to Manuel’s jargon as he maneuvered around the boat and were surprised by the sound of the tight ropes in the wind.

  • Set sail whatever the weather

    Set sail whatever the weather

  • Part of the landscape on Lake Lácar

    Part of the landscape on Lake Lácar

  • Efficiently set the sails

    Efficiently set the sails

  • Sailors are a tightly knit community

    Sailors are a tightly knit community

  • Be it windward or leeward

    Be it windward or leeward

It was time to hoist the Genoa, jib or headsail. We were approaching a bend in the lake where we would determine the strength of the prevailing westerlies.

Sheet the sails, pay out a line, furl are all part of the technical vocabulary you learn while sailing. When we reached Bandurrias we turned to face stronger winds. Manuel began tacking, turning the bow into the wind so that the direction it blows changes from one side to the other. Away from the coast, the horizon seemed to have moved away as silence engulfed us.

Sailors are a tightly knit community. They look after their boats, help each other out and share a jargon. We witnessed this during our outing, when we came across other vessels. Conversations from one sailing boat to another, exchanging camaraderie codes. We felt the coordination among the boats was like a ballet dance, clear evidence of the ability of the skippers.

We continued towards our destination at an easy, but rather fast pace. Manuel is a real pro at perceiving the needs of his passengers and realized we would welcome a stop. At Yuco, having found a safe place to anchor, we enjoyed some delicious cold cuts while happily sharing our feelings and other chit chat.

On the way back, we agreed it had been a relaxed day, which had made the outing so pleasant. Hulling, not using sails, the Bilkisnerr slowly glided through the water. The silence was only broken by the sound of the sailing maneuvers.

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Recommendations Both the boat and the helmsperson are certified.

Besides a bathing suit we recommend bringing a warm jacket, rubber sole footwear and sunscreen.

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