Patagonia, Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Batea Mahuida

Equipment Rental

Batea Mahuida offers Alpine and Nordic skiing equipments, but its stock is limited to 90 pairs, therefore, it is advisable that you should carry your own equipment.

Simple plastic sliders, sow rackets and snowmobiles may be also rented.
Equipment Rental in Batea Mahuida

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Equipment rental in Villa Pehuenia

Ski equipment rental

Amancay Ski Zona Comercial - Pehuenia III 49-8101 15-410363
Los Pehuenes Centro Com. Loc. 7 y 8 49-8029 15-664827
Estilo Libre Paseo de Compras El Cántaro 15-691413
Piñonero 15-663093
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