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Tours and Activities

  A Monument to Religiosity   A Monument to Religiosity
Saint Francis’ Church is one of the most beautiful Catholic architecture treasures on Chiloé Island.
A Monument to Religiosity
  Chilote Charm   Chilote Charm
Castro is the most picturesque city in the archipelago. Its various attractions, from its palafittes to the handicrafts market, are worth visiting.
Chilote Charm
  Chonchi and Isla Lemuy   Chonchi and Isla Lemuy
Este recorrido te llevará a transitar 107 km entre ida y vuelta, de los cuales 60 son de ripio. La excursión puede llevarte un día completo. El mar será tu compañero inseparable durante todo el trayecto, entre iglesias...
Chonchi and Isla Lemuy
  Churches of Chiloé   Churches of Chiloé
The traditional churches of Chiloé are characterized by the best use of environment resources, particularly the local wood, the interrelation with the landscape and for the making true of...
Churches of Chiloé
  Cucao and Pacific Ocean   Cucao and Pacific Ocean
A good possibility to see the Pacific Ocean crossing a wonderful natural pass formed by two lakes: Huillinco and Cucao. Taking Castro as a start point, the route...
Cucao and Pacific Ocean
  From one Town to Another   From one Town to Another
We toured around the main natural and cultural attractions in the small communities located in the outskirts of Castro.
From one Town to Another
  Modern Art Museum on Chiloé Island   Modern Art Museum on Chiloé Island
Located in the municipal park in the City of Castro, the MAM keeps up with the contemporary artistic expression avant-garde movement.
Modern Art Museum on Chiloé Island
  Over the Pacific   Over the Pacific
We had already flown over the Chilean volcanoes with Santiago Vidal and an unconditional friendship had begun in the heights. We are both fascinated with flying. This time, the idea was to fly over the sea.
Over the Pacific
  The Houses in the Sea   The Houses in the Sea
The singular palafittes of Castro are one of the urban attractions in this seaside city.
The Houses in the Sea
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