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Where to get services

Medical Care

Sala de Primeros Auxilios Centro 49-5070


Botiquín Lahuen Co Mapuches y Vn. Copahue 49-5109

Phone Booths

Caviahue Av. Quimey s/n

Cars with Chauffeur Service

Remises Caviahue 49-5104

Car Repairing Service

Taller A. V. J. 49-5100 02942-15696751

General Information

Policia Mapuches 49-5068
Municipalidad Caviahue - Copahue 8 de Abril nº 5 y 6 49-5036 e-mail
Lavaya - Lavandería Mapuche s/n 49-5060
Guarda Fauna 49-5073
Ente Provincial de Termas Caviahue 49-5135 e-mail
Dirección de Turismo 8 de Abril nº 5y 6 49-5036
Correo Argentino Bungalows 49-5036 e-mail
8349 02948 +54 2948
Inter Patagonia - Touristic Information about Caviahue, Patagonia, Argentina: Where to get services
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