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How to get there

Driving along the Carretera Longitudinal Austral from Puerto Montt through natural parks and beautiful spots, you arrive to Coyhaique.

By plane:
A paradise of adventure tours and fishing, you can get to Coyhaique by air from Santigo or Puerto Montt, for what Balmaceda airport, distant 55 km. from the city is used.

International Passes

Paso de Coyhaique

You can cross the Andes range through Paso del Coyhaique, distant 46 km. from the city along a pebble road and arrive at Aldea Baleiro in Argentina.

Paso Huemules

You can also cross through Paso Huemules, passing by Balmaceda on a paved route, and after 150 km. get to Río Mayo.

Paso Triana

It is very near Paso Coyhaique, only 20 km from Aldea Beleiro and 37 km from Coyhaique. Its height is 670 metres above sea level and the average temperature is 20° C in summer and -7° C in winter.
Along complementary route 240, 37 kms from Coyhaique you will find the pass that separates Río Mayo from Coyhaique, distant 153 km along Complementary route 55.

Distances from Coyhaique to:

Ancud 705 km
Castro 782 km
Chaiten 420 km
Chile Chico 398 km
Cochrane 344 km
El Maiten 277 km
Frutillar 659 km
Llanquihue 640 km
Osorno 718 km
Panguipulli 865 km
Punta Arenas 243 km
Puerto Aysen 59 km
Puerto Ibañez 109 km
Puerto Montt 617 km
Puerto Natales 386 km
Puerto Octay 682 km
Puerto Porvenir 234 km
Puerto Varas 633
Quellon 868 km
San Martin de los Andes 1223 km
Santiago de Chile 1649 km
Temuco 973 km
Valdivia 844 km
Villarrica 949 km

Air Transportation

SKY Airline Arturo Prat 203 224-0827

Land Transportation

Transportes Terraustral Terminal de Ómnibus 225-4335
Transportes Suray Arturo Prat 265 223-8387
Transportes Don Carlos Subteniente Cruz 63 223-1981
Transportes Cote Libertad 790 9713-9333
Transportes Corina Ormeño 805 223-5797
Minibuses Don Mario Max Casas 795 223-3286
Buses Transaustral Terminal de Ómnibus 223-2067
Buses Sao Pablo Terminal de Ómnibus 225-5726
Buses Ramon Mena Freire 1463 7516-6670
Buses Josefina Barroso 1525 9784-7020
Buses Don Seba Valle Simpson 394 223-9050 9050-8649
Buses Dina Terminal de Ómnibus 223-0234
Buses Daniela Baquedano 1122 223-1701
Buses Becker Gral. Parra 335 - Interior 223-2167
Buses Ali Dussen 283 223-2788
Buses Aguilas Patagónicas Terminal de Ómnibus 221-1288

Sea Transportation

Naviera Austral Horn 40 Oficina 101 221-0727
5950000 067 +56 67
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