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Cutral-Có Plaza Huincul

How to get there

From the south along routes 234 and 40.

From Neuquén, Bahía Blanca and Buenos Aires, and from the east along National route Nº 22

Distances from Cutral Co-Plaza Huincul to :

Aluminé 235 km
Bahia Blanca 650 km
Bariloche 335 km
Buenos Aires 1340 km
Caviahue- Copahue 250 km
Junin de los Andes 215 km
Neuquén 104 km
Paso Icalma 198 km
Paso Mamuil Malal 335 km
Paso Pino Hachado 195 km
Puerto Montt 631 km
Pucón 239 km
Temuco ( via Icalma ) 370 km
Temuco (via Pino Hachado ) 310 km
Temuco (via Mamuil Malal ) 523 km
San Martin de los Andes 343 km
Santa Rosa 653 km
Villarrica 253 km

Land Tickets Online 0810-555-7575

Land Transportation

Albus Terminal de Ómnibus 496-8299
Chevallier Terminal de Ómnibus 49-61726
Crucero del Norte Terminal de Ómnibus - L. 2 496-6099
Vía Bariloche Terminal de Ómnibus


Cruz del Sur Di Paolo y Santa Cruz 496-7325
8322/8318 0299 +54 299
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