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How to get there

If you come from the north or the south along the Carretera Panamericana Troncal in Chile, you arrive at Frutillar on the coast of Lake Llanquihue.

Distances from Frutillar to:

Ancud 130 km
Castro 207 km
Cochrane 1004 km
Coihaique 659 km
Llanquihue 19 km
Osorno 63 km
Puerto Natales 394 km
Puerto Octay 26 km
Panguipulli 210 km
Puerto Porvenir 241 km
Punta Arenas 251 km
Puerto Aysen 645 km
Puerto Ibañez 768 km
Puerto Montt 42 km
Puerto Varas 25 km
Quellon 293 km
Temuco 316 km
Valdivia 171 km
Villarrica 267 km

Air Transportation

Lan Chile Nueva O\`Higgins 167 Puerto Montt 225-3315

Land Transportation

Salfasur Pilpilco 800 229-0224
5620000 065 +56 65
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