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General Roca

Tours and Activities

  Adventure Sports with Adrenaline   Adventure Sports with Adrenaline
The geographic features in the surroundings of General Roca are wonderful for people of all ages to practice countless adventure sports year round.
Adventure Sports with Adrenaline
  Artisans at San Martín Square   Artisans at San Martín Square
A colorful collection of creative productions is available for those who choose the artisans market in search of non-mass-produced items.
Artisans at San Martín Square
  Educational Visit to the Farms   Educational Visit to the Farms
When it comes to spending an unusual afternoon, a tour around the rural venues is usually a good opportunity to understand how the countryside rewards the workers with fruit.
Educational Visit to the Farms
  Fertile Soil   Fertile Soil
Here we show you the graces and the beauty of the valley, which stands out in the national and regional scope due to its fruit production.
Fertile Soil
  Recreational Isla 32   Recreational Isla 32
Isla 32 is the most representative coastal recreational area in the city, as it combines a natural space on the banks of the Negro River and an endless amount of sport activities.
Recreational Isla 32
  Rural Tours in General Roca   Rural Tours in General Roca
In General Roca you can travel 8 km. along rural roads in comfortable restored carts drawn by horses that will take you to the past...
Rural Tours in General Roca
  Southern Hundred-Year-Old Winery 	  Southern Hundred-Year-Old Winery
Humberto Canale Winery is one of the first Patagonian undertakings to make export wines. Its facilities are open to visitors, who will be delighted by the fascinating winegrowing processes.
Southern Hundred-Year-Old Winery
  Vintter Regional Museum   Vintter Regional Museum
Patagonian regional museums are excellent letters of introductionto learn about the origins and circumstances of the life of the peoples.
Vintter Regional Museum
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