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Gobernador Gregores

Tours and Activities

  Fishing at Lake Strobel   Fishing at Lake Strobel
Hidden and away from the urban scene but featuring high sports value, fishing at Lake Strobel guarantees a smile for those who dare to walk the wild roads of Santa Cruz.
Fishing at Lake Strobel
  Lake Cardiel   Lake Cardiel
Leaving from Gobernador Gregores, by the river Chico, you must travel 69 km. to the west along provincial route 29, with the aridity of Patagonia...
Lake Cardiel
  Tragic Patagonia Gorge   Tragic Patagonia Gorge
Stories of life and death capable of making us understand the harsh Patagonian life led us to a nearby spot to revive Rebellion in Patagonia.
Tragic Patagonia Gorge
  Visiting <i>Estancias</i>   Visiting Estancias
The summer months are appropriate to get to know extensive Patagonia. In the surroundings of Gregores, staying at a local estancia is one way of appreciating life in the countryside.
Visiting Estancias
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