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Cte. Luis Piedra Buena

Tours and Activities

  Around <i>Ria</i> Santa Cruz   Around Ria Santa Cruz
The greatest attraction of the Santa Cruz River is that it favors Luis Piedra Buena with a bountiful vegetation. We left the steppe behind and came to an oasis.
Around Ria Santa Cruz
  Monte León on the Seashore   Monte León on the Seashore
Wild, like the entire Patagonian steppe, this site on the Atlantic coast features amazing images that change through the day and in different weather conditions.
Monte León on the Seashore
  Pavón Island   Pavón Island
National Route 3 crosses the river Santa Cruz through one of the most important bridges in Patagonia. Between this and the secondary bridge is Pavón Island, discovered by Juan Serrano in the year...
Pavón Island
  Street Murals   Street Murals
The city is embellished by amazing works by famed mural artists displayed in the open air. They tinge the metropolis with color: a tribute to popular art.
Street Murals
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