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Piedra del Aguila

Tours and Activities

  Open Door to the Lake Corridor   Open Door to the Lake Corridor
The tall rocky walls of Piedra del Águila are so typical that the district is recognized whenever they are spotted on the road towards the Patagonian Mountain Range. However, the city features further attractions.
Open Door to the Lake Corridor
  Perilago Campsite and Beach   Perilago Campsite and Beach
Piedra del Águila offers recreational sites a few kilometers away from the urban area. Kumelkayen Beach is one of them.
Perilago Campsite and Beach
  The Limay, for Anglers   The Limay, for Anglers
This is an invitation to see some of the nooks of the Limay, one of the most important rivers in the great valley, where good specimens of brown and rainbow trout may be found.
The Limay, for Anglers
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