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Puerto Montt

Tours and Activities

  Crossing onto Tenglo Island   Crossing onto Tenglo Island
Tenglo Island has always been right opposite the port and it used to be very popular among visitors. Today, it is ideal to go hiking or sunbathe there before returning to the city.
Crossing onto Tenglo Island
  Lamb Festival at Río Chico   Lamb Festival at Río Chico
Rural communities celebrate popular festivals in which they show their traditions year after year. One of them is the Lamb Festival, held in Río Chico.
Lamb Festival at Río Chico
  Over the Pacific   Over the Pacific
We had already flown over the Chilean volcanoes with Santiago Vidal and an unconditional friendship had begun in the heights. We are both fascinated with flying. This time, the idea was to fly over the sea.
Over the Pacific
  Seafood Eating at Angelmó   Seafood Eating at Angelmó
After touring around the ocean drive and the handicrafts' market, an attractive promenade leads to the seafood and fish market, offering the chance to have lunch at some of the restaurants in that very spot.
Seafood Eating at Angelmó
  The Salmon Route   The Salmon Route
Speaking of Chile means speaking about its salmons. And today, the salmon industry has begun to be successfully considered by various tourist undertakings... NOT WORKING AT THE MOMENT.
The Salmon Route
  Flying among Volcanoes   Flying among Volcanoes
The geography of the Chilean X region turns out to be paradisiacal as far as flying is concerned. Forests and lakes, estuaries and islands, and mainly the volcanoes are some of the attractions that may be observed during the flight.
Flying among Volcanoes
  Adventure Tour across Patagonia   Adventure Tour across Patagonia
An expedition to the best southern landscapes at both sides of the mountain range.
Adventure Tour across Patagonia
  Churches of Chiloé   Churches of Chiloé
The traditional churches of Chiloé are characterized by the best use of environment resources, particularly the local wood, the interrelation with the landscape and for the making true of...
Churches of Chiloé
  The Lord of the Rings   The Lord of the Rings
Leaving Puerto Montt and taking the southern road, the Alerce Andino National Park is reached. The last 20 thousand hectares of an ancient forest rest there with a lot to teach us.
The Lord of the Rings
  Among Channels and Fjords   Among Channels and Fjords
It is possible to sail the Chacao Channel from Puerto Montt to Chiloé Island. An amazing crossing to get connected with the history and nature of Chiloé.
Among Channels and Fjords
  Show Me Your Pier   Show Me Your Pier
Puerto Montt is a city with a charm of its own. Visitors may walk along its waterfront or admire its streets, mounts, churches and museums. However, they will always end up at aromatic Angelmó.
Show Me Your Pier
  In the City Outskirts   In the City Outskirts
The alternatives for tours in the city outskirts are plentiful and quite varied. Those leaving from Angelmó and the ones touring the Southern Road stand out.
In the City Outskirts
  Written on Stone   Written on Stone
The Monte Verde Stone Museum treasures incredible testimonies of the Pre-Columbian cultures that first dwelled in the continent.
Written on Stone
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