Patagonia, Saturday, August 29, 2015

Puerto Octay

Llanquihue Bay - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio
Llanquihue Bay - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio

In the bay on Lake Llanquihue, under the protection of península Centinela (Sentry Peninsula), there lies the City of Puerto Octay, a dreamed-of nook to live and see, resulting from the nineteenth-century German colonization.

A major transportation port on Lake Llanquihue and a connection between Puerto Montt and the rest of the Chilean cities, Puerto Octay is also a tourist destination whose natural beauty has succeeded in conquering more and more followers in the last few years.

The various beaches on the lake are amazing year round. Both during the daytime and at night, the waterfront is the place chosen by the locals as well as the first-comers. The beaches known as La Baja, Maitén and península Centinela stand out. Their soft slopes invite everyone to practice nautical sports, picnics and camping.

The majestic silhouettes of the Osorno and Puntiagudo Volcanoes watch over this singular region. Puerto Octay is just an excuse to see paradise.

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