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Tours and Activities

  Churches of Chiloé   Churches of Chiloé
The traditional churches of Chiloé are characterized by the best use of environment resources, particularly the local wood, the interrelation with the landscape and for the making true of...
Churches of Chiloé
  Del Amarillo Hot Springs   Del Amarillo Hot Springs
From Quellón you must cross to Chaitén in the transshipping and there you will have 62 km. to Lake Yelcho and Del Amarillo Hot Springs and back. In the hot springs there are individual compartments with thermal pool...
Del Amarillo Hot Springs
  Over the Pacific   Over the Pacific
We had already flown over the Chilean volcanoes with Santiago Vidal and an unconditional friendship had begun in the heights. We are both fascinated with flying. This time, the idea was to fly over the sea.
Over the Pacific
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