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Tours and Activities

  A Very Special Baptism   A Very Special Baptism
We flew over the coast of Rawson. Hovering in the air, we watched the enigmatic geography of Patagonia over the South Atlantic Ocean.
A Very Special Baptism
  Penguins on the Beach   Penguins on the Beach
Punta Tombo is one of the most famous spots in the Argentinian Patagonian littoral. Thousands of tourists gather in front of one of the most fascinating shows performed by nature.
Penguins on the Beach
  Tastes from the Harbor   Tastes from the Harbor
A very interesting gourmet proposal at the time of visiting the city harbor. After an unforgettable excursion, taste the fish and seafood from the Argentinian sea.
Tastes from the Harbor
  Los Altares Valley   Los Altares Valley
A splendid ravine with reminiscences from the Jurassic Period. An impossing site, with strange rock formations that resemble giant natural altars.
Los Altares Valley
  Curious Bottlenose Dolphins   Curious Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose dolphins dwelling the Patagonian coast escort boats and offer a unique performance.
Curious Bottlenose Dolphins
  Surfing in Unión Beach   Surfing in Unión Beach
The waves of this beautiful beach in Rawson are ideal to experiment surfing in the Patagonian shores.
Surfing in Unión Beach
  An Oasis in the Steppe   An Oasis in the Steppe
We left the sea and the steppe behind to visit the Florentino Ameghino Dam, a green nook crossed by the Chubut River.
An Oasis in the Steppe
  The Chosen Site   The Chosen Site
Caleta Valdés is a privileged strip of beach dwelled by countless species representative of the sea fauna.
The Chosen Site
  History in a Large Room   History in a Large Room
The Salesian Regional Museum houses an important anthropological collection that shows the city from its origins to this date.
History in a Large Room
  The port   The port
Traditional fishing nook, Rawson Port shows all its picturesque charm.
The port
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