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Father Manuel Jesús Molina Regional Museum

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Father Manuel  Jesús Molina Museum

The Regional Museum was founded in 1957 due to an initiative of Father Manuel Jesús Molina and it worked in Casa de Gobierno. The great spirit of investigation of Father Molina and his willingness to learn more about the origin of this province made him carry out important research work and look for archaeology remains that he classified himself.

In the Museum you can observe material related to Geology, Paleontology, Fitopaleontology, Archaeology, History, Biology and Ethnology of the province, as well as some objects from the Tehuelche culture.

The Paleontology room has an exhibition of fossils from the region classified by eras. Vertebrates are in another room with representations of the lives of mesozoic dinosaurs, and terciary and cuaternary mammals. The Geology room exhibits rocks and minerals on glass showcases.

You will see an Interactive Science Room, the first Telephone Commuter of Río Gallegos, a kneading bowl that belonged to the first baker in town, the bicycle of raid runner Charlotte Fairchild and rests of the cities "Del Nombre de Jesús" and "Floridablanca".
You can also visit a Fine Arts hall with temporary exhibitions of artists from all over the country.

In October 1997 it was transferred to the new building of Complejo Cultural de la Provincia, where there is a Technical Library with approximately five thousand volumes.
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Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 20:00 hs. Saturday from 15:00 to 20:00 hs.
Regional Provincial Padre Jesús Molina
Ramón y Cajal 51 (9400) Río Gallegos - Santa Cruz - Argentina
Tel: +54 2966 42-6427 / 3290  
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