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Sunset Viewpoint

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Sunset Viewpoint

Only some kilometers from Río Mayo, you can watch this desolate spot full of peace, special to meditate and have a good time with friends in this beautiful natural watch point in Patagonia.

This special site is on the west plateau, near the aerodrome of Río Mayo.
Sunset Viewpoint
To access to "Mirador Atardeceres" you must pass by a flat area on top of the plateau, where you get by car. It is convenient to park here, from where you have a good view.
After that, you must climb to the main rock formation and be very careful while you walk on the solid rock steps.
The main solid rock formation sector stands out from the slope and has an estimate surface of 8 m².
Sunset Viewpoint
In this natural region of the southern hemisphere you can have a really good view and take pictures of this moving landscape.
Beautiful sunsets and magic dawns will be the uncomparable images that rejoice the spirit, specially during the summer.
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