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Tours and Activities

  Ancient Testimonies   Ancient Testimonies
The natural eaves of painted hands is a site of high archeological value, where we find a record of the first dwellers of Patagonia.
Ancient Testimonies
  Lakes Musters, Colhué Huapi and...   Lakes Musters, Colhué Huapi and...
This immense Patagonian lake, with a surface estimated in 450 km² and a depth from 40 to 50 m. conforms together with lake Colhue Huapi the basin situted 45º 30' south...
Lakes Musters, Colhué Huapi and...
  Sarmiento Petrified Forest   Sarmiento Petrified Forest
It is located just 30 km away to the South of Sarmiento accessed through a gravel road. This provincial natural monument is a forest from the Cenozoic Era. That means it is approximately 65 million years old.
Sarmiento Petrified Forest
  Visit to the Desiderio Torres Museum   Visit to the Desiderio Torres Museum
The name of the museum (“Desiderio Torres”) pays tribute to a native dweller quoted by Francisco Pietrobelli, founder of Sarmiento, in his memories as a man of good who helped...
Visit to the Desiderio Torres Museum
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