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Tours and Activities

  Prehistoric Patagonia   Prehistoric Patagonia
The Egidio Feruglio Paleontologic Museum concentrates the most important fossil findings in Patagonia.
Prehistoric Patagonia
  Exquisite Tradition   Exquisite Tradition
An encounter with the Welsh customs takes us back in time. We have the famous Welsh tea, sharing vivid moments amidst cakes, bread and jams.
Exquisite Tradition
  Pueblo de Luis   Pueblo de Luis
A museum that rescues the memory of the beginning of the City of Trelew, fostered by the effort and courage of the Welsh colonists.
Pueblo de Luis
  Birds Haven   Birds Haven
Along with other water mirrors, the Ornithologists' Lagoons congregate various bird species that attract watchers.
Birds Haven
  The Beginnings in Bryn Gwyn   The Beginnings in Bryn Gwyn
In the cliffs of Gaiman, Bryn Gwyn, which means “white hill” in Welsh, proposes an interesting tour across prehistorical Patagonia.
The Beginnings in Bryn Gwyn
  Penguins on the Beach   Penguins on the Beach
Punta Tombo is one of the most famous spots in the Argentinian Patagonian littoral. Thousands of tourists gather in front of one of the most fascinating shows performed by nature.
Penguins on the Beach
  A Tour around Los Altares   A Tour around Los Altares
In the middle of the Patagonian high plateau, we find the place known as Valle de los Altares (Altars Valley). Huge cliffs emerge from the soil in order to be admired by tourists who pass by.
A Tour around Los Altares
  An Oasis in the Steppe   An Oasis in the Steppe
We left the sea and the steppe behind to visit the Florentino Ameghino Dam, a green nook crossed by the Chubut River.
An Oasis in the Steppe
  A Tour around Town   A Tour around Town
Very close to Trelew lies Gaiman, a small picturesque town with a rich Welsh heritage.
A Tour around Town
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