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Hotels & Accommodation in Patagonia

Hotels and other accommodation services are considered among the most requested by users of InterPatagonia. Therefore, we have thought about another way to access such information easily.
This section stands only one click away from all the accommodation lists in Patagonia (hotels, cabins, inns, apart hotels, hostels) available in our site.
Click on the name of the city you are interested in and you will be led to the accommodation section in such destination. After that, you may also surf the rest of the information available about said city.


Patagonia has a great deal of casinos distributed all throughout Argentina and Chile, and their modern halls let visitors enjoy games of chance such as roulette, slot machines, Black Jack, baccarat and dice. This section features the various casinos located in Patagonia. Discover each of them in the various regions presented in our website. Luck is waiting!

Horseback Excursions

Those who wish to experiment something new may choose a horseback ride over mountains, amidst forests, along beaches or across streams with the whole family enjoying beautiful moments.
It is ideal to go on these excursions guided by the local experts and on docile Creole horses.
If you are going on a short excursion, it is not necessary that you can ride. A quick theoretical chat with the guide will be enough for you to get used to the reins.

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