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Tours and Activities

  Angling   Angling
Most rivers and lakes in the District of Aluminé enable anglers to catch trout specimens. They just need to know the corresponding rules and regulations and comply with them.
  Batea Mahuida Ski Resort   Batea Mahuida Ski Resort
Batea Mahuida Volcano turned its rage off for ever and let a lagoon appear in its crater. It changed fire by water and let mapuche people who are historical inhabitants...
Batea Mahuida Ski Resort
  Mapuche New Year   Mapuche New Year
The Argentinian-Chilean native communities have an ancient tradition: they celebrate the beginning of the new year on June 24.
Mapuche New Year
  Ñorquinco Peace   Ñorquinco Peace
An unavoidable stop at the Pehuenia circuit is Lake Ñorquinco. The primitive camping site resting on its shore invites visitors to stay and experience its charming quietness.
Ñorquinco Peace
  North Lake Corridor   North Lake Corridor
A short distance separates Aluminé from Villa Pehuenia, both villages with different stories but the same proposal made up by native woods and crystal-clear waterways.
North Lake Corridor
  The Aluminé Rapids   The Aluminé Rapids
We enjoyed river rafting in the Aluminé, a fantastic river that crosses one of the most beautiful and less explored sceneries in the mountain range area in Neuquén.
The Aluminé Rapids
  Towards <i>Laguna de los Giles</i> and <i>Lago Pulmarí</i>   Towards Laguna de los Giles and Lago Pulmarí
The small water bodies of the region hide a wide array of native birds and flora within an extremely quiet environment.
Towards Laguna de los Giles and Lago Pulmarí
  Towards Chile across Icalma Pass   Towards Chile across Icalma Pass
Icalma International Pass joins neighboring towns that share a lifestyle and the same attractive scenes.
Towards Chile across Icalma Pass
  Towards Lake Ruca Choroi   Towards Lake Ruca Choroi
A very quiet spot hides a small-size lake behind woods of monkey-puzzle trees and lengas while the high-pitched squawking of the parrots completes the scene.
Towards Lake Ruca Choroi
  Trails in Lake Quillén   Trails in Lake Quillén
Quillén is beautiful, both visually and in its Mapuche meaning. Its motley woods and crystal clear water are extremely appealing.
Trails in Lake Quillén
  Sunset on the Hill   Sunset on the Hill
A tour on horseback across the fields that lie near the town in order to behold the wild sceneries of Aluminé from one of the best vantage points.
Sunset on the Hill
  A Tour Around the Town   A Tour Around the Town
A quiet town grew on the banks of the beautiful river after which it was named. We strolled about its streets and here are its most characteristic sights.
A Tour Around the Town
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