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Cerro Castor

The newest in Argentina and, like everything in Ushuaia, the southernmost in the world, Castor Mount opens its fifth season. Very close to Tierra del Fuego capital city, where the sea and the mountains meet to be the protagonists of a dazzling geography, Castor is only 195 meters over sea level and its top rises to 1,057 meters.

Cerro Castor

With a skiable slop that reaches 772 meters, Cerro Castor distributes a total of 26 trails with different degrees of difficulty and off-piste areas along 30 kilometers. Its circuits cross lenga forests and are also suitable for snowshoeing.

Unlike the general belief, Castor enjoys very good weather and the best quality of powder snow, due to the stability of its temperature, offering one of the longest seasons in South America.

Modern lifts, skiing and snowboarding school, and all the services that complement the infrastructure and Ushuaia scenery, turn Castor Mount into a complete resort, to ski in the confines of the world.

Cerro Castor

News 2013

Cerro Castor introduces exclusive sport events this season (such as polo, rugby and golf on the snow) in addition to ski championships and the best Fuegian cuisine, with restaurants located at different locations on the mountain.

The mount is a candidate to become the seat of the 2014 Ski World Cup first date. This would imply a large affluence of tourists and the resort would be positioned as an international ski center.

In 2011, Cerro Castor was elected to be seat of 2015 Interski. This new opportunity (which will be defined in June) is the result of the permanent effort made at the center to improve its quality and infrastructure, which enables it to be at the same level as European snow centers.

Ushuaia, Valle de Tierra Mayor and Cerro Castor are becoming one to offer tourists a wide array of activities within a natural environment second to none. This will ensure that the whole family will fully enjoy the tourist offer.

During 2013, Cerro Castor will also incorporate improvements to the global accessibility plan throughout the mountain. It will adapt its services for people with motor disabilities to enjoy ski and the snow.

Besides, in 2013, Cerro Castor offers skiers the novel application for cell phones (for iPhone's Android or iOS operating systems) with which skiers will have information about their training circuit, see the condition of the trails and lifts, learn about attractions in the mountain, accumulated snow and temperature, and see a fix web cam live, among other functions.

Useful data

How to Get There: located 26 km from Ushuaia, where there is an international airport and a tourist harbor for large size vessels. It can also be accessed by land through National Route 3.

Season: from 20/06 to 05/10.

Weather: in winter, temperatures range between 5º and -5ºC.

Activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowblading

Services: school, first aid stand, boutique.
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