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Tours and Activities

  A City Icon   A City Icon
The Paraje Confluencia historical and cultural center concentrates a great deal of the artistic activities organized in the city. It is worth a visit.
A City Icon
  Allen’s Municipal Museum   Allen’s Municipal Museum
Its history, along with the great deal of cultural activities held in it, is a must for visitors to tour inside the venue. An ideal site to visit in the city.
Allen’s Municipal Museum
  Fertile Soil   Fertile Soil
Here we show you the graces and the beauty of the valley, which stands out in the national and regional scope due to its fruit production.
Fertile Soil
  One Day Close to the Dam   One Day Close to the Dam
Ideal to spend a day outdoors, the Arroyito Dam displays a singular picture created by nature and by human intelligence.
One Day Close to the Dam
  Pearls on the Limay River   Pearls on the Limay River
Really close to the city, we had a great time at this rugged spot where entertainment is always guaranteed: Rincón de las Perlas
Pearls on the Limay River
  Religious Faith at Ferri   Religious Faith at Ferri
The white façade of Saint Rita's Church is an invitation to enter this space for peace where the faithful come to worship.
Religious Faith at Ferri
  Science and Library Full of History   Science and Library Full of History
Two unique institutions in the cultural life of the city are visited for the splendid buildings that house them and the valuable material they treasure.
Science and Library Full of History
  The Limay, for Anglers   The Limay, for Anglers
This is an invitation to see some of the nooks of the Limay, one of the most important rivers in the great valley, where good specimens of brown and rainbow trout may be found.
The Limay, for Anglers
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