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Tours and Activities

  A Super Waterfall   A Super Waterfall
One of the most eye-catching sites in Caviahue is Salto del Agrio. Located in the surroundings of this beautiful city, its majesty summons curious visitors from all round the world.
A Super Waterfall
  Copahue and its Hot Spring Center   Copahue and its Hot Spring Center
Copahue is a rare, exotic city unlike any other, but it is liked as soon as it is walked around. Its hot spring center and its famous volcano are two important reasons for this to happen.
Copahue and its Hot Spring Center
  Crater of the Volcano   Crater of the Volcano
In Copahue you can take the excursion with a guide, what we recommend, since the best way to get to the volcano is horseback riding with an expert to guide you. Turned into...
Crater of the Volcano
  De Maquinarias y Maquinitas   De Maquinarias y Maquinitas
While staying at Copahue, visitors may visit two sites which have made this region famous: Las Maquinarias and Las Maquinitas. Ideal to go for a walk around the outskirts of town.
De Maquinarias y Maquinitas
  Ski in Caviahue   Ski in Caviahue
With the portentous scenography of millenary araucarias, and conjugating ski with the best thermal therapies, you will find in this resort...
Ski in Caviahue
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