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Restaurants in El Colorado

El Colorado - Farellones gastronomy is varied, with Spanish and Chilean cuisine restaurants, such as Cadaqués, Swiss – Alpine such as El Alambique, Pub KL, as well as a self-service fast-food restaurant and Refugio Monteblanco with tourists menu and bar. The dishes served at El Mirador, located 3,000 meters over sea level, and the fierritos (brochettes) cooked at the Terrazas del Sol restaurant also outstand.



Official Agency:
Santiago Office: Badajoz 100 of. 1303. Las Condes
Phone: + 56 2 2321 1696/ +56 9 9450 1925

Av. Apoquindo 5555 Of. 905 Las Condes
Phone: 569.98409912 ? 569.88919677

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