Osorno / Puyehue

Osorno / PuyehueOsorno main square - Photo: Jorge González - Interpatagonia.com

Just 70 kilometers away from the famous Puyehue hot springs, there lies one of the most important cities in Chile: Osorno. Lying by the Rahue River, this beautiful city spans an area including the towns of La Unión and Río Bueno to the north, and Río Negro and Purranque to the south. But the City of Osorno, situated 913 kilometers away from Santiago de Chile and 260 from San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina), features enough attractions.

The German influence is evident in the local architecture. A must visit is José Guadalupe Posada House of Culture. As soon as visitors cross its door, they will be amazed to see the most important events Osorno had to go through in order to reach its present condition.

The natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia is manifest at Osorno. Antillanca winter resort lies just 98 kilometers away, in the surroundings of the city, within the territory of Puyehue National Park, on the hillsides of the Casablanca Volcano.

The Osorno-Puyehue region is perfect to enjoy with the family and practice the most varied sports or city tours year round. The eruption of the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Volcanic Complex, which took place early in June 2011, has not managed to alter this fact.

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