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Modern Art Museum in Puerto Madryn

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Modern Art Museum

This is the only Museum of Modern Art in Patagonia. It is at 444, Roca Avenue, and in it you can freely observe the most outstandig works of Pérez Celis, Quinquela Martín, Marino Santamarina, as well as other regional and local artists

This prestigious institution plays a significant cultural and social role in the City of Puerto Madryn: it provides various artists the chance to show their productions in an appropriate environment.
Modern Art Museum
Inside the venue, we appreciated the four main walls, which display paintings, sculptures, photographs and portraits made with the most varied techniques.

At the moment we visited the museum, it had already welcomed 5,500 visitors, 45 shows, 35 guided tours for students, 15 cultural gatherings carried out during the fall and the winter seasons and 3 successful annual courses including painting, photography and woodcarving. Besides, 20 show requests were awaiting approval.
Modern Art Museum
Whoever likes art or is interested in making a special stop between the waterfront beach and the city may enter the Modern Art Museum and let themselves be surprised by the various works waiting to be seen.
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Entrance free of charge.
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Regional Museum.
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