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Bay Watchers

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Navigation off the Puerto Natales shores

Here is a new way of getting to know the advantages of this place: navigating off the harbor shore. An ideal excursion for those who have half a day to spare in the city.

From September to April, visitors may embark on a regular voyage on board a modern craft off the city shore and see the most outstanding attractions in this tourist destination.
For such purpose, it is necessary to approach the municipal pier, from where the craft sets sail. Heading South along the Señoret Channel, the anglers pier is reached. At this point, the craft stops to watch the daily activities of these seamen with more detail. Among nets and ropes, they wave at the curious visitors.
Navigation off the Puerto Natales shores
Then, the ship sails on along the coast opposite the city, passing by the cattle ranches of the region. From the craft, a beautiful panoramic sight of the metropolis, with Mount Dorotea in the background, may be observed. The Costaustralis Hotel, with its particular architecture, catches everyone's attention.

The ship continues sailing along the channel among the Puerto Natales fjords. As it moves towards the North, the landscape gets wilder and more attractive, leaving the waterfront promenade behind.
Navigation off the Puerto Natales shores
Varios birds that nest in the area show up. Ducks, seagulls, black-necked swans and cormorants hover above the ship or play hide and seek among the calla lilies before the imminent pass of the craft.
Navigation off the Puerto Natales shores
The border of the Última Esperanza Inlet is reached. If the weather conditions are favorable, the Paine Massif and Mount Almirante Nieto may be appreciated. Impressive and majestic, the Torres del Paine rise to the sky with pride over the surrounding scenery.
At this point, Port Bories and the old facilities of what used to be the most important slaughterhouse in the area around 1913 can be seen on the shore.
Excursionists may get off the craft and visit the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego industrial complex.
Navigation continues towards the city. Before getting there, the crew serves a hot drink made up of coffee or chocolate, which gives vitality back to the spirit after the intense voyage.
Navigation off the Puerto Natales shores
If the tour is done in the afternoon, when the excursion is over, a very pretty sight of the orange sunset may be appreciated over the Puerto Natales fjords.
Useful Data
Be at the municipal pier at 09.30 am and at 4.00 pm.
20,000 Chilean Pesos – including snack and/or once- and all the necessary equipment in order to enjoy this excursion.
Wear warm clothes, as the weather conditions vary every second in these latitudes. It is also necessary to wear UV sunglasses, sun protection and cocoa butter for the lips.
World End
Blanco Encalada 2263 (6160000) P. Natales / Torres del Paine - XII Región - Chile
Tel: +56 61 241-4725/ 5990  
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Level of Difficulty
2 hours.
Useful Data Useful Data


The Viewpoint

The city of Puerto Natales occupies an outstanding position among international tourist circuits. As a result of its priviledged location opposite a group of mountains, lakes and glaciers in Southern Patagonia, it is the starting point par excellence to visit the Torres del Paine and Bernardo O´Higgings National Parks.
Sailing among its fjords is a good way of getting to know its mild atmosphere, watching black-necked swans swimming placidly among coromorants and other sea birds off the immense waterfront. We are expecting you!
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