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P. Natales / Torres del Paine

Tours and Activities

  Nao Victoria Museum   Nao Victoria Museum
An exact replica of the Nao Victoria recreates the moment in which Magellan set out to conquer the world and found the union of the two seas. A museum commemorates and invites visitors to experience this singular ordeal.
Nao Victoria Museum
  Land of Giants   Land of Giants
Both colossal and unique, the Torres del Paine rise in Southern Chilean Patagonia in a superb mood over the surrounding landscape.
Land of Giants
  Amidst Crystals   Amidst Crystals
A mindblowing experience amidst ice blocks, cold caverns and deep cracks. We spent an entire day on the Grey Glacier.
Amidst Crystals
  A Getaway by Bike   A Getaway by Bike
A result of the tourist boom in the area, Puerto Natales stopped looking at the Torres del Paine jealously and became a destination with an identity of its own.
A Getaway by Bike
  A Change of Perspective   A Change of Perspective
Immersed in deep silences and unforgettable sceneries, we went on a kayak excursion across the Puerto Natales fjords. An excellent way to make contact with nature.
A Change of Perspective
  The Past of the Magellanic Lands   The Past of the Magellanic Lands
The Municipal Historical Museum houses a significant collection of objects that give evidence of the origins of these southern communities.
The Past of the Magellanic Lands
  At a Gallop in Southern Lands   At a Gallop in Southern Lands
On horseback, we visited one of the most emblematic cattle ranches in Puerto Natales. Amidst cliffs and little pampas, the scenery led us to the well-known Mylodon Cave.
At a Gallop in Southern Lands
  Breaking the Silence   Breaking the Silence
A voyage amongst eternal ice and drowsy nature. We sailed amidst the Patagonian fjords up to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers in the Bernardo O┤Higgins National Park.
Breaking the Silence
  The Cave Monster   The Cave Monster
We leaned out into the vestiges of the Patagonian Prehistory: the Mylodon Cave. We learnt about the habits of this herbivorous animal that lived millions of years ago.
The Cave Monster
  Against the Tide and the Winds   Against the Tide and the Winds
Insular Patagonia emerges like a fantastic unexplored land. On a ferryboat, we sailed along the southern channels and fjords and passed off the mute witnesses to the last glaciation.
Against the Tide and the Winds
  Bay Watchers   Bay Watchers
Here is a new way of getting to know the advantages of this place: navigating off the harbor shore. An ideal excursion for those who have half a day to spare in the city.
Bay Watchers
  A Delicious Tour   A Delicious Tour
After an all-day excursion, there is nothing better than ending the day with a quiet evening. We ate out in Puerto Natales and enjoyed the aromas and flavors of the Southern cuisine.
A Delicious Tour
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