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Baquedano mountain range

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Baquedano mountain range

Leaving from Porvenir along the route in the mountains, you will drive 20 km. to the top from where you can see the whole area.

Then you continue along an undulating road with swamps and brooks where gold seekers stiil work.

There are stone terraces and dams built to decant the gold that drains through the loose material on the borders of the swamp.

Farther ahead there is a bridge over the river called Río del oro, and some 200 meters farther you can walk into a cattle ranch where you can see the rests of an old gold dredge brought at the beginning of the XX century.

If it is not raining, you may go on descending through the mountain range until you get to the bank of Bahía Inútil in km. 57. Along the sea shore to the right from there you get to Porvenir, a total distance of 82 km. to go and return.
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