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Puerto Varas

Tours and Activities

  <i>Gourmet</i> Palates   Gourmet Palates
Puerto Varas seduces with many details and one of them is its wide array of gourmet offers, which merge Chilean and German recipes.
Gourmet Palates
  A Night Symphony   A Night Symphony
When the stars look after the night in Puerto Varas, a walk along the brilliant waterfront, a special candlelight dinner and a gambling tour to its monumental casino to try their luck is something visitors will always remember.
A Night Symphony
  Adventure Without Limits   Adventure Without Limits
A multiple adventure tour that includes hiking, Tyrolese ropes, rock climbing, rappelling and canoeing is the goal of adventurers and extreme sport lovers of all ages and physical shape. A site where there are not limits for adventure.
Adventure Without Limits
  Art and Antiques at the Fierro Museum   Art and Antiques at the Fierro Museum
From the outside, it is one of the many ancient buildings in town. Once inside, the old days of colonial times revive along with a passionate painter: Pablo Fierro.
Art and Antiques at the Fierro Museum
  Flying among Volcanoes   Flying among Volcanoes
The geography of the Chilean X region turns out to be paradisiacal as far as flying is concerned. Forests and lakes, estuaries and islands, and mainly the volcanoes are some of the attractions that may be observed during the flight.
Flying among Volcanoes
  Going Round in Circles   Going Round in Circles
We went around Lake Llanquihue. An excellent proposal to understand the German colonization of the area, immersed in a scenery of singular beauty.
Going Round in Circles
  On Board the Capitán Haase   On Board the Capitán Haase
Lake Llanquihue, mythical and impressive, is the third largest lake in Latin America. Navigating it in an old wooden boat is the ideal choice to see its shores, its small settlements and its salmon traps.
On Board the Capitán Haase
  Over the Pacific   Over the Pacific
We had already flown over the Chilean volcanoes with Santiago Vidal and an unconditional friendship had begun in the heights. We are both fascinated with flying. This time, the idea was to fly over the sea.
Over the Pacific
  Puerto Varas Architectural Heritage   Puerto Varas Architectural Heritage
It is by looking at the architecture of this metropolis that we can meet its dwellers and learn about its history. Puerto Varas invites everyone to discover this city through its façades, its historical buildings and its traditional churches.
Puerto Varas Architectural Heritage
  Sailing the Andes   Sailing the Andes
An unforgettable experience that took us along ancestral roads, teeming with history, sceneries and quietness. We crossed the Patagonian Lakes from Chile to Argentina.
Sailing the Andes
  The Great Fish   The Great Fish
The Chilean Lake District offers spots that represent a paradise for anglers. They can be accessed on foot, by land or even by plane. Anything goes to find the great fish.
The Great Fish
  The Secret of Cochamó   The Secret of Cochamó
Located 91km from Puerto Varas, it frames one of the most beautiful and significant areas in Southern Chile. In its valley, part of its natural secrets can be discovered.
The Secret of Cochamó
  From the Sea to the Mountains   From the Sea to the Mountains
The incredible scenario of Cochamó gets deep into the mountain range. We rode along its paths: the same paths used by jesuits and colonists to cross the Andes.
From the Sea to the Mountains
  Ideal Figure   Ideal Figure
The Osorno Volcano is the perfect icon of the Lake District in Chile. With green slopes and snowcovered summits, visitors should get close in order to admire its grandeur.
Ideal Figure
  The Pearl of the Llanquihue   The Pearl of the Llanquihue
Puerto Varas is the pearl of the Lake District. Located on the shores of the Llanquihue, it has a special ingredient that makes it unique. Beautiful from all points of view.
The Pearl of the Llanquihue
  Getting Away from Town   Getting Away from Town
Not only in the city can visitors find various attractions for all tastes, but also in the outskirts of Varas they may come across interesting options to visit and explore.
Getting Away from Town
  Troubled Waters   Troubled Waters
A place where the waterfalls, the green vegetation and the geographical features plot to take hold of our senses. We visited the Petrohué River Falls.
Troubled Waters
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