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Punta Arenas

Tours and Activities

  A Very Cold Beer   A Very Cold Beer
We visited the legendary Austral beer brewery, the oldest in Chile.
A Very Cold Beer
  Brought by the Sea   Brought by the Sea
The Naval and Maritime Museum displays a plentiful collection of objects from the ships that reached these confines.
Brought by the Sea
  Nao Victoria Museum   Nao Victoria Museum
An exact replica of the Nao Victoria recreates the moment in which Magellan set out to conquer the world and found the union of the two seas. A museum commemorates and invites visitors to experience this singular ordeal.
Nao Victoria Museum
  Punta Arenas Tax-Free Area   Punta Arenas Tax-Free Area
This tour has become a traditional attraction in recent years. Visiting the tax-free area and being delighted by duty free opportunities is ideal for those who happen to be in the city.
Punta Arenas Tax-Free Area
  A City Overlooking the Sea   A City Overlooking the Sea
We went around the main sights in town in order to learn about its past and its present.
A City Overlooking the Sea
  Beyond the Horizon   Beyond the Horizon
An unusual morning and the desire to ride a horse took me to Mount Fenton. I visited the city winter park and appreciated the endless horizon from the heights.
Beyond the Horizon
  Eating in the End of the World   Eating in the End of the World
Eastern, European and regional, recipes multiply the alternatives when it comes to eating out in Punta Arenas.
Eating in the End of the World
  Eternal Rest   Eternal Rest
The cemetery of Punta Arenas tells the story of the city in silence. Its mausolea and the quiet park give shape to one of the most visited spots in the urban tour.
Eternal Rest
  Along the Corridors of History   Along the Corridors of History
We traveled along the Panamerican Road bordering the Strait of Magellan up to Fort Bulnes. A road that took us around various testimonies of the first Patagonian settlements.
Along the Corridors of History
  Magellanic Fauna   Magellanic Fauna
Navigating to the Magdalena and Santa Marta Islands show visitors important colonies of penguins and sea lions.
Magellanic Fauna
  A Chant of Life   A Chant of Life
A tour for the entire family. Close to Punta Arenas, visit Parque Ñandú and hear the story of Jorge and Estrella, who have devoted themselves to raising these birds in their natural habitat.
A Chant of Life
  Mare Australis Cruising   Mare Australis Cruising
From the Chilean city of Punta Arenas, between October and April, you can explore the farthest and most virgin region of the world on board an unforgettable cruising expedition...
Mare Australis Cruising
  The Braun Family   The Braun Family
They were the protagonists of the history of the pioneers. Today, their palaces are two of the most representative places as regards the architecture and the past of the city.
The Braun Family
  Salesian Heritage   Salesian Heritage
The Maggiorino Borgatello Museum displays a complete ethnological, historical and biological collection about the strait. A proud sample of the Catholic religious order.
Salesian Heritage
  Tribute to a Great Explorer   Tribute to a Great Explorer
Alberto De Agostini National Park shelters part of the natural environment in the Magallanes region that was accurately studied by this Salesian priest.
Tribute to a Great Explorer
  Past of Glory   Past of Glory
One of the most sumptuous residencies owned by the pioneer Braun Menéndez family today houses the Magallanes Regional Museum.
Past of Glory
  Unforgettable   Unforgettable
With the purpose of keeping its history alive, the Museum of Memory displays objects from the days of the pioneers.
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