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Zip-lining at Mount Chapelco

We enjoyed zip lining on one of the slopes of the Chapelco Mountain Range, one of those natural nooks which impress viewers with its wild beauty and simply extraordinary sights.

The summer is slowly seen and felt in the Patagonian scenery, with very sunny days that make this picturesque city even more beautiful. The proposals for the summer season are already inviting everyone around the mountains, the lakes and the rivers that turn this environment into a precious mountain range nook.
The good news in San Martín is Miramas zip line, situated on the Chapelco Mountain Range.

Joaquín Brackt is the owner of this brand new undertaking which invites visitors to enjoy this activity as well as hiking trails and a cozy bar in the middle of the forest, among other options for the Winter season.
We met Joaquín in town in order to go up to Miramas together and spend the afternoon “flying” amid the lengas.

The Forest from above

  • The slopes of the Chapelco Mountain Range

    The slopes of the Chapelco Mountain Range

  • Top quality equipment

    Top quality equipment

  • The old wood industry trails

    The old wood industry trails

  • in tandem

    in tandem

  • Even 6-year-olds enjoy

    Even 6-year-olds enjoy

  • It was just unsurpassable

    It was just unsurpassable

  • Simply extraordinary sights

    Simply extraordinary sights

As we left the city along Koesler Avenue towards the neighborhood known as Covisal, Joaquín told us about the origin of this project.
About 15 years ago, the 56-hectare family field, located behind the Miralejos lots, would be used for forest exploitation. Joaquín and his partner Marcos thought about turning part of this venue, mainly a thick forest of lengas and its shoots, into a tourist development. That is how the zip line project emerged. This amusing activity, which is gaining more and more fans, enables adventurers to appreciate the natural environments.

After visiting various zip line venues in Chile and Argentina, Joaquín and Marcos designed a circuit and with the help of a forest engineer, they laid out the cables including seven stretches of various lengths and levels of difficulty.
Finally, after passing through Valle Escondido (Hidden Valley) and Miralejos, we arrived in Miramas. At the bar, featuring large Windows and a deck which opens up into a clearing with an astonishing view of the valley, we got ready for adventure to start. With our harnesses, our helmets and gloves on, we set out to pactice on the testing platforms. These stretches lie only 1.50 meters above the ground and they allow us to gain confindence and get familiar with the technique so that we can enjoy the activity to the utmost. Once this stage was fulfilled without any inconveniences, we got on a Unimog vehicle that took us up to the starting platform.

We went along the old wood industry trails for 15 minutes until we got to the first cable in the middle of the forest. We went up, Marcos fixed the carabiner to the pulley and we slided one at a time breaking the silence of the scenery.
The feeling of going through the canopies is fantastic and no sooner had we finished the first stretch than we got very eager to slide again.

Marcos and Joaquín attached us to the Tyrolean rope and told us when we should slow down before reaching the next platform. They also managed a system of brakes to control our speed better. Many times we were tempted to stop by our own means pressing on the cable with our hand placed behind the pulley in order to admire the view, or to speed up to feel the vertigo during the ride. We passed through the first five platforms of the forest up to the last platform in the area, where we set out on a leisured 15-minute hike to reach the two final cables.

A Unique Vantage Point

As we walked, we talked about how much fun we were having and how safe the zip line was. This activity does not demand a strict technique or physical fitness and even 6-year-olds may enjoy it in tándem rides with the guides. When we reached the last platform but one, an impressive view appeared before us: a panoramic sight of Lake Lácar, the entire valley and the Lanín Volcano. The 300-meter-long stretch is simply breathtaking. The next one, featuring 250 meters, spreads towards the lake. Obviously, we did not want this experience to end. We wished to keep on flying from cable to cable. It was just unsurpassable.

We returned to the bar to leave the equipment at sunset. It was the right time to share some home baked pizza and dinner as we commented on the wonderful afternoon we had just spent. We all agreed that zip line is fascinating because it fulfills our fantasy of flying as birds, even though for just a little while.
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Useful Data

Level of Difficulty: Low

Duration: The complete zip line ride takes 3 and a half hours.

Timetables: Outings from Tuesdays thru Sundays at 10:30am, 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

Recommendations: Zip line does not require any prior physical fitness and even 6-year-olds may practice it in tandem. People up to 65 years old may also enjoy this activity. After the zip line experience, stay at the bar to behold sunset. Miramas has three shuttle services. However, visitors may reach this spot on their own vehicles following Route 234 towards Junín and then taking the detour to the neighborhood called Covisal, located on th right a few meters before reaching the police station. The entrance to Miramas lies approximately 9km ahead. In addition to zip line, in the Winter Miramas is planning to open a Nordic skiing resort with special trails across the forest of lengas.

Contact: Miramas Canopy
Cordón del Cerro Chapelco (8370) San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina Tel: +54 2972-411344 Cel: +54 294-4299393



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