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Conguillío National Park

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Conguillío National Park

From Temuco you take route 5 to the north via Lautaro to Curacautín and passing by Manzanar Hot Springs next to Saltos del Indio and La Princesa, or visiting Tolhuaca Hot Springs from Curacautín on the way to Conguillío National Park.

You may choose from several circuits, starting from Temuco to Las Hortensias and then to Cunco to go on through the valley of Allipén to Melipeuco and then up behind the volcano to Conguillío National Park.

The Park has an extension of 60.000 has., and in it you can find four lagoons: Conguillío, Verde, Arco Iris and Captrén, and forests of araucaria, lenga, oak, raulí and coihue, where Volcán Llaima, 3125 m high stands out in a scenography where lake Conguillío displays its pure crystalline waters that freeze in the winter.

The landscape is conformed by big lava dumps and extense Araucaria forests associated to other species such as cypress, lleuque, canelo, raulí and lenga. As regards animals there are Monitos de monte, vizcachas, black wood peckers, vultures, eaglets and aquatic birds.
Conguillío National Park
This outing may take longer than a day, for what it is convenient to foresee the provision of fuel and food, and it is possible to spend the night in cabins or in Conguillío camping site.
Inside the park there are several options to go hiking: Sierra Nevada – Los Carpinteros- Las Araucarias – Las Vertientes and Cañón de Truful-Truful.

In the Park there are six areas prepared for camping and four picnic sites, all fully equiped and with services available. In the park you can visit the lagoons following the directions of the Park Ranger, descend through Curacautín and then take the paved road to Victoria and again Panamericana to Temuco.
In the park there are beaches and camping areas where services are offered in Laguna Verde, Conguillío and Captrén.

In the north east sector of the park is born the Lonquimay river flowing into the Biobio river, a fishing spot, like the Truful Truful river, which appears 25 km. to the north of Melipeuco, crosses the volcanic scoria and drains into lake Conguillío. !4 km. from Melipeuco are Saltos del Truful Truful, in a river where rainbow trout are abundant.
Conguillío National Park
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