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Tours and Activities

  An Araucano Model   An Araucano Model
Temuco is a model city in Southern Chile and the antechamber to the Lake District. This is an invitation to see its booming and modern urban center.
An Araucano Model
  Araucano Empire   Araucano Empire
The district of Nueva Imperial, lying 35 kilometers from Temuco, lets visitors come close to the Mapuche culture and the natural attractions of the area.
Araucano Empire
  At Full Steam   At Full Steam
The new Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum rescues an ancient train station and a steam locomotive yard in order to turn them into a significant art and culture space.
At Full Steam
  Conguillío National Park   Conguillío National Park
From Temuco you take route 5 to the north via Lautaro to Curacautín and passing by Manzanar Hot Springs next to Saltos del Indio and La Princesa, or visiting Tolhuaca Hot Springs...
Conguillío National Park
  Facing the Sea   Facing the Sea
We reached Puerto Saavedra and Lake Budi, windows of the Araucanía onto the Pacific which have displayed the ethnic value of the region.
Facing the Sea
  Green Nook   Green Nook
Mount Ñielol is a real shelter lying very close to the urban center. An emblematic historical place, it invites visitors to contemplate the city from its vantage points and to breathe fresh air.
Green Nook
  Interlomas Motor Racing Circuit for Fans   Interlomas Motor Racing Circuit for Fans
With a huge number of racing enthusiasts, motorsports displays its racing teams through various circuits in Chile. Interlomas Motor Racing Circuit is one of the best-known motorsport venues for its layout...
Interlomas Motor Racing Circuit for Fans
  Llaima Volcano; Ski Track   Llaima Volcano; Ski Track
Leaving from Panamericana to the north until Cajón, 9 km. from the city, you take a paved road to the volcano through a prairie until Vilcún...
Llaima Volcano; Ski Track
  Mapuche New Year   Mapuche New Year
The Argentinian-Chilean native communities have an ancient tradition: they celebrate the beginning of the new year on June 24.
Mapuche New Year
  Protagonists of History   Protagonists of History
The Araucanía Regional Museum displays a neat collection of the Mapuche legacy and the colonists’ heritage.
Protagonists of History
  Strolling About the Abasto   Strolling About the Abasto
The Municipal Market is one of the traditional spots that visitors should not miss if they really wish to see all aspects of Temuco.
Strolling About the Abasto
  Touring around Araucanía   Touring around Araucanía
The route to Curacautín and Lonquimay leads to several attractions, including natural reserves and hot spring resorts.
Touring around Araucanía
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