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All Extreme Sports and Activities in Patagonia


DivingThis is one of the most complete sensations that the human being may feel.
Through diving, man could visit the bottom of the sea, see a sub-aquatic world, stroke fish and visit legendary shipwrecks, feeling completely safe and adapted to the water environment.
In order to practice this activity, it is not necessary to be in great shape, or to have a well-defined swimming style.
Learning well the technical aspects of diving is enough for a quiet and pleasant immersion.
Before taking a diving course, we recommend that you make a previous “baptism” in open or enclosed waters, to be totally certain that you wish to learn how to dive.
This sport helps you get out of routine, fight stress and get to know a universe beyond the scope of the senses.
Patagonia presents multiple sceneries to perform this activity. For such reason, the time to make d reams come true in the bottom of the sea or some lake has arrived.

  Diving at Lake Nahuel Huap   Argentina  San Carlos de Bariloche - Río Negro
Diving at Lake Nahuel Huap
Only two kilometers from the shore and protected from the wind, a fascinating adventure for lovers of underwater life: a novel subaquatic museum.
Diving at Lake Nahuel Huap
  SCUBA Diving in Viedma – Carmen de Patagones   Argentina  Viedma / Carmen de Patagones - Río Negro
SCUBA Diving in Viedma – Carmen de Patagones
Sport SCUBA diving is one of the most fascinating sea activities. Both Viedma and Carmen de Patagones offer a variety of sites.
SCUBA Diving in Viedma – Carmen de Patagones
  SCUBA Diving with Sea Lions at Puerto Madryn   Argentina  Puerto Madryn - Chubut
SCUBA Diving with Sea Lions at Puerto Madryn
The City of Puerto Madryn is the Mecca of Argentinian SCUBA diving. For many people, it hides extraordinary spots and varied possibilities to go underwater.
SCUBA Diving with Sea Lions at Puerto Madryn
  Subaquatic Treasures while Diving   Argentina  Puerto Madryn - Chubut
Subaquatic Treasures while Diving
A short tour around sites you cannot miss if you go diving in Puerto Madryn.
Subaquatic Treasures while Diving
  The Mysterious Submerged Forest   Argentina  Villa Traful - Neuquén
The Mysterious Submerged Forest
Just like in a fairy tale, we sailed across Lake Traful to a site where nature would amaze us with a forest that lies beneath the waters.
The Mysterious Submerged Forest
  The Unfathomable Southern Seas   Argentina  Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego
The Unfathomable Southern Seas
A challenge for all those who practice scuba diving is getting deep into the waters of the Beagle Channel. Here are some options to explore the subanctartic sea bed.
The Unfathomable Southern Seas
Hiking in Patagonia

Hiking or walking is an activity practiced in all kinds of terrains and is not restricted to age, gender or physical fitness.
As in every task, there are various levels of difficulty, which can be surpassed gradually as experience is gained. The routes are divided into four types of difficulty: relaxed, medium, steady and difficult.


Rafting is a team sport, in which all the crew members in the boat row and position themselves in a coordinated manner in order to balance their weight when going through the river rapids and keep themselves afloat.
The standard number of people allowed on the boat is from six to eight crew members, depending on the boat size.
Rafting beginners are recommended to remain in the center of the boat. Those who are somehow experienced and prefer to row may stay in front, whereas the most experienced generally stay at the back.

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