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Tours and Activities

  All Dressed up   All Dressed up
Every year on February 9, Valdivia commemorates the anniversary of its foundation with a one-week traditional celebration that has become the main event in Southern Chile.
All Dressed up
  Among Galleons and Cannons   Among Galleons and Cannons
During the XIV and XV centuries, the Spanish Royal Crown ordered the building of forts and castles, silent witnesses of a past which demands an immortal destiny for the city.
Among Galleons and Cannons
  Beer Tradition   Beer Tradition
In our pass by the “city of rivers”, we took a mandatory break in order to taste the taditional Kunstmann beer and learn about its brewing process and history.
Beer Tradition
  Borderío Ecological Park in Valdivia   Borderío Ecological Park in Valdivia
There is a place where care for nature is important everyday. It is located in Valdivia and it is totally worth a visit.
Borderío Ecological Park in Valdivia
  In the City of Rivers   In the City of Rivers
The environment and the hand of man have known how to shelter beautiful nooks that mingle nature and architecture. Discover them with us.
In the City of Rivers
  Mapuche New Year   Mapuche New Year
The Argentinian-Chilean native communities have an ancient tradition: they celebrate the beginning of the new year on June 24.
Mapuche New Year
  Memories of History   Memories of History
On the banks of the Calle Calle River, it is possible to discover the plural identity forged by the city by visiting the Mauricio van de Maele Historical Anthropological Museum.
Memories of History
  Recollection Train in Valdivia   Recollection Train in Valdivia
In Valdivia you can go back in time in an amusing excursion on a steam train riding around incredible landscapes in the branch Antilhue-Valdivia...
Recollection Train in Valdivia
  Skydiving and Accuracy Water Landing   Skydiving and Accuracy Water Landing
The National Accuracy Water Landing Championship is a unique event in the world. Whether you jump or watch, pleasure for the sight is fabulous. A must.
Skydiving and Accuracy Water Landing
  What the River Hides   What the River Hides
An expedition that connects us with the depths of Valdivia. We sailed the seven rivers of this place, seeing the flora, the fauna and its enigmatic history.
What the River Hides
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