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Lake Las Mellizas and Indian Paintings

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Lake Las Mellizas

For this excursion it is necessary to cross Lake Traful up to Península Grande. There is a steep trail that starts in a north west direction and among cypress and radal trees.

After 2500 meters you reach a "portezuelo" or pass from which you can see Lake Traful to the west and Laguna Blanca to the north west.

Follow the trail for around 800 meters and continue along the margins of Laguna Blanca until you reach a rock from which you will see, to the east, Laguna Verde. Here the road begins to descend into a fan shaped pampa of glacial origin.
Lake Las Mellizas
The trail goes around the northern side of Laguna Verde. You will meet Arroyo Verde and immediately after crossing it you will notice a rock shoulder. It is on this shoulder where there is an important concentration of Indian paintings.

Go back by the same trail used to arrive and as you do so you will notice another trail that opens downwards to your left. This trail will also lead you back to the bay below. It is important to report to the Ranger before starting the trek that you plan to reach the Indian paintings. Bear in mind that these paintings are on intangible grounds.
Lake Las Mellizas
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