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Patagonian Wines
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The Wine in Words

If you need to buy wine for a party, the best option is to contact some wholesale or dealer that may offer some discount on the sale.

If the idea is to acquire only some bottles, then the supermarket may be an option.

But if you are looking for that bottle of wine for a special ocassion or the mature wine to keep in your little cellar, undoubtedly, a wine shop is the place chosen to buy it.
At the wine shop, you will find qualified staff that will assist you as regards aging periods, temperature at the moment of consumption and what dishes match each wine. They will also know that the wine has been carefully treated, that is to say, it has not experimented abrupt temperature changes; it rests in a place where humidity is controlled; it is not exposed to strong light or any other factor that may alter it

Useful Recommendations
Avoid bottles that have been standing (during several months). Do not buy bottles whose cork outstands. Do not choose bottles in which the level of the liquid is lower than normal (3cm from the bottle neck). Avoid buying bottles that have been exposed to the sun or to an artificial light bulb.

In order to extend the life of a wine, a special device to extract the air through a cap must be purchased. After this procedure, the wine must be kept in a fresh place.
If the wine becomes sour and is no longer suitable for drinking, cover the bottle with a cork and use it for cooking.

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